She's Finally Home...


TBC Family... after months of struggling with declining health, our sister Gini Bowers went home to be with her Lord a little after 5:00 on Wednesday afternoon--just one day after her 92nd birthday. Thankfully, her pain and illness are gone, and she is now with the One she loved most of all! Please pray that the Lord will continue to comfort and encourage her family as they wrestle with their loss while rejoicing at Gini's gain. And, please make your plans to join us in ministering to her family, celebrating her life, and praising her Lord this coming Sunday afternoon, 5/19...

VISITATION........................ 2:30PM

Services will be held at Leesville Road Baptist Church: 6211 Leesville Rd, Durham, NC 27703.

Service Canceled (4/19)


TBC Family, we hate to do this, but we now believe it is best to cancel tonight's Good Friday Service. This decision takes into account the weather, the many tornado warnings, the timing of these storms, the building we meet in, the trees down and road issues being reported, and the distance our people must travel. Please stay dry and safe! We can't wait to gather with you on Sunday AM to celebrate the Resurrection!

Special Meetings (March 24-27)!

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TBC Family, we are thrilled that the Coffey Ministries team will be back with us from March 24-27! It promises to be a wonderful week of Christ-centered, Bible-saturated preaching, music, and fellowship. You won't want to miss any of it, so make your plans to gather with us for all of the following opportunities...

9:00am Prayer Time
9:30am Worship Service
11:00am Fellowship Time
11:30am Sunday School
5:30pm Teen Preservice
6:00pm Evening Service

6:30pm Teen Preservice
7:00pm Evening Service

5:30pm Dinner on the Grounds
7:00pm Irish Concert (Please invite others)

The Church Is No Small Thing!

TBC Family, we must not think that what we do as a church is a small thing. Nothing could be further from the truth. Listen to this quote from John Stott and be reminded that "The church lies at the very center of the eternal purpose of God." What we do when we meet, worship, grow, fellowship, serve, evangelize, and make disciples together is engage in our small part of our great God's enormous plan for the ages. This is why we keep sounding the call to... Look to Christ, Learn the Word, and Live on Mission with us!

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Reformation Night Service

Last night’s Reformation Night service was both challenging and motivating! We spent some time reviewing the importance of the Protestant Reformation in church history, sang hymns from and about the Reformation, watched some video clips that reviewed the history, and spent some time in the Word wrestling with implications for us today.

If you missed it, here are some of the things that we reviewed and watched…

03 -- REFORMATION DAY 2018-11-01 15-25-07.png

For those who wanted them, here are the statements Pastor Joe shared from Ephesians 6:10-20…

  1. We must realize that the strength to stand in the day of opposition is not our own! (v.10)

  2. We must ready ourselves long before the day of battle! (v.11)

  3. We must remember that the fight is not with those who accuse and oppose us! (v.12)

  4. We must recognize the equipment supplied to us by our Lord! (vs.13-18a)

  5. We must request the grace of God to strengthen and embolden us in day of our distress! (vs.18b-19)

  6. We must renounce all claim to order the steps of our lives and resign ourselves to wise and loving plan of our Lord! (v.20)